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Composite Plate Saw`s

Sharp and Tappin`s CNC composite plate saws revolutionise the production of test specimens & production parts. They achieve fast, accurate, repeatable production of components, with an unrivalled surface finish. Test specimens and components can be produced from a diverse range of materials and require little to no post finishing. The conversational CNC system is easy to program, with part programs making repeat production effortless.

Tried and Tested Technology

Our composite plate saws have been developed in collaboration with a consultant with over 10 years experience in the composite industry. Our prototypes have been put through rigorous testing with daily use at local test lab Composite Test and Evaluation Ltd (Click here to visit CTE website) . We have recently installed a customised composite plate saw for Augusta Westlands and have interest in the use of our machines from the National Composite Centre.

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Selection of parts that can be machines with our composite plate saws


Composite Plate Saw









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