Composite Saw Control System

The Brief/Challenge

During the development of our range of composite saw machines clients told us they wanted a computer control system that was simple to use and intuitive for both experienced and inexperienced operators. There was a requirement for operators without CNC experience to be able to quickly learn how to use these machines and produce high quality test specimens.

Our Work

Our highly experienced team of software developers designed a complete software package to address this exact requirement, creating an easy to understand and operate user interface. They also carried out extensive on-site software development with some of our high demand test clients with an aim to address challenges before finalising and releasing the package.

The Results

This control system forms the backbone of our composite plate saw range used by clients both in the UK and internationally.  It has gained widespread recognition for its ease of use and functionality.

The project addressed its core aim of delivering an intuitive user interface for our composite saws that can be mastered in a very short timeframe while consistently delivering exceptional cutting performance regardless of operator expertise.

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