Compcut offers a range of advanced composite plate saw solutions, which are fully enclosed CNC and specifically designed to efficiently and accurately machine composite panels into test specimens.

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Accurate & Repeatable

Test your specimens straight from the machine with Compcut’s unrivalled surface finish. Cut to size first time with excellent perpendicularity and parallelism. No post preparation or polishing is required.

Safe & Simple

Cut with confidence, your engineers are safe. Our composite saws feature a fully enclosed work area protecting from dust and spray. Dry cutting with extraction and wet cutting with recirculating coolant gives versatility to cut almost any composite material

Material cutting capability

Material cutting capability

1ply to 300mm thick we have experience building composite sawing machines for a diverse range of composite cutting scenarios from composite specimen cutting of flat traveller laminates to sectioning whole components for mechanical testing.


Typical materials cut include;

Glass fibre composites – GFRP

Carbon Fibre composites – CFRP

Aluminium honeycomb

Thermoplastic composites

Hybrid materials

Aramid fibre composites

Sandwich and hollow core

Typical Machine Features

Typical Machine Features

CNC Cross Cut (X Axis)

Servo driven ball screw and precision linear guides allows accurate speed and position control of the under table spindle with programmable cut length.


CNC Material Fence (Y Axis)

Universal pneumatic clamps attached the material to the fence allowing the machine to automatically position the material. This allows multiple parts to be manufactured to a programmed size accurately.


CNC Blade Height Control (Z Axis)

Programmable blade height allows for the optimum approach angle for to be used for a particular material and partial depth cutting.


Stainless Steel Construction

Fast & Precise

Produce a specimen ready to test, every 47 seconds. Our composite plate saws feature automatic positioning of the material which allows multiple specimen cuts without user intervention and our Innovative clamping system means no tooling is required.

Improve results & reduce scrap

Improve the consistency of your results while ensuring mistakes are eradicated. Our easy-to-use control system simplifies composite test specimen production. Our conversational user interface with part program capability allows easy transition from manual processes.