Marine Products

Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Solutions

Sharp & Tappin Technology Ltd is a precision engineering company providing mechanical, electronic and software engineering solutions. The team of highly skilled, imaginative engineers offer a unique in-house capability creating solutions from initial concept and design thought to product manufacture. Intimate knowledge of system integration allows us to provide you with unrivalled service and support

Marine Technologies Sharp & Tappin Marine product range of PCs address the key problems of keeping PCs in the marine environment. The products feature low power consumption, waterproofing and ruggedness to withstand the harsh marine environment year after year. With casings machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium finished to the highest standard, this range provides the most practical and stylish of on-board PC solutions.
Solar Technologies Sharp & Tappin Solar Technologies offers a complete plug and play solar powered computer suite along side other advanced off grid solar solutions.
Engineering Solutions Design development and subcontract engineering solutions
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